Staff Interview: Blue Blue Kokura

Q1. Why did you want to work at Seilin & Co.?

I joined the company as one of the opening staff members for Blue Blue Hakata, which opened in 2001.
I’d always loved Seilin’s clothing in which you could feel the warmth of the people who made it, and I also felt that the company’s attitude about carefully thinking about the natural environment was attractive.
I knew that a Blue Blue shop would be launched in Hakata where I lived at the time, so I applied for a job thinking that “I absolutely want to work there!”

Q2. What kind of work are you doing now? And when do you feel that the work you do is rewarding?

I’m in charge of selecting women’s and kids’ products, in-store displays and customer service.
The joy of handing the customer a product that holds the feelings of the maker, and sending them home with a smile is the time I feel I’m doing rewarding work, and that feeling hasn’t changed in the 13 years since I joined the company.

Q3. What is the working environment like here now?

I’m currently working shorter hours while raising my two children.
Five years ago I came back to work after taking maternity leave and childcare leave.
The company is always considerate and provides an environment where one can work without difficulty, so I’m able to work happily every day with the support of the shop’s staff members.

Q4. What kind of message would you give to anyone who might be thinking about working at Seilin & Co.?

When I joined Seilin & Co. I learned not only about fashion but also about other things that I want to value in my everyday life.
And even now, I’m still working with ambition and I’m interested in a variety of things.
I look forward to being joined here by anyone who feels attracted to the company and is full of hopes and dreams.


2-2-1 Muromachi,Kokurakita-ku,Kitakyushu-shi,Fukuoka