Staff Interview: Blue Blue (Nakameguro)

Q1. Why did you want to work at Seilin & Co.?

I think I was influenced by my father’s love for Seilin & Co. clothing.
I can still clearly remember when my father took me to a shop for the first time.
The smell that wafted toward me when I walked in, the clothing and accessories that I saw, the displays and the staff in the store — everything was so fresh.
I was excited until I left the shop.
The unique atmosphere struck a chord with me, and I joined the company because I wanted to be a member of a shop that would be remembered by many people, just like I did.

Q2. Tell about your experiences since starting to work at Seilin & Co.

I have participated in a variety of seasonal events in the company since I joined.
We’ve scattered beans in the store at Setsubun, planted rice on the rooftop of our headquarters building before Golden Week, and later we’ll be preparing for pounding mochi rice cakes at the end of the year.
Before we can communicate the seasons to our customers through clothing and food, we first of all must experience the four seasons of Japan ourselves.
Besides communicating from us, we also have many opportunities to absorb a variety of things.

Q3. What kinds of things are you involved in now?

I have a professional awareness as a salesperson, and I’m conscious of my behavior, speech and attention in the shop.
Just by being conscious changes the way you look at things.
I watch and try to imitate my experienced coworkers and work by trial and error every day from the viewpoint of what I can do to improve the shop.

Q4. What kind of message would you give to anyone who might be thinking about working at Seilin & Co.?

Before I applied for a job here, it took me some time to take a step forward to see if I could work here or if it was a good idea to work here.
Just taking that one step gave me a bit more confidence and the courage to move on to the next step.
If you’re even slightly thinking about it and want to take on the challenge, then I think that taking that one step will open up a whole new world for you.
Go ahead and take that step!


1-6-5 Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku,Tokyo