Staff Interview: Blue Blue Kanda

Q1. Why did you want to work at Seilin & Co.?

What happened was this: I received a pair of their jeans as a gift.
I really liked wearing them a lot, and those jeans are something I treasure even now.
That was what triggered my visiting a shop,and I was taken in by the special atmosphere
there and the unique taste of the clothing the staff were wearing.
At that time, I was doing a different kind of work, but I had been interested in apparel from before then. Well, so I thought this would be the coolest place to work as a salesperson and applied for a job.

Q2. Tell us what it felt like when you actually started worked here.

I remember being glad to work as a member of the team, and that staff members with much more experience we’re working closely with me.
In fact, at that time, I had no apparel experience at all — I didn’t even know how to fold clothes properly — but I was happily surprised that staff members who’d been working here for 10 years and more were willing to teach me each and everything I needed to know.
I think our team mindset here is really high,no matter which department you’re in.

Q3. When do you feel that the work you do is rewarding?

I guess I’m most happy when a customer expresses their thanks to us.
Some of our customers also travel quite a distance to come to our shop, so it really feels great
when they say “Thanks. I’ll come again.”
Also, as the manager here, I buy the items that we have on sale in the shop, so it feels very rewarding
when our products make our customers happy.

Q4. Tell us what’s the attractive thing about doing sales work.

Salespeople are the only ones who can directly communicate the attractiveness of the shop and our products
to the customers.
For sure, that’s why I learn what I can about clothing and our products.
And at times I look into their background as well and that’s what makes me love clothing all the more.
Talking with customers can help make their shopping experience more enjoyable.And, in fact, I think that that’s not only at the foundation of apparel-related jobs, but it might even be the most important thing that we do.

Q5. What kind of message would you give to anyone who might be thinking about working at Seilin & Co.?

Be sure to visit a variety of Seilin shops.
I’d like you to feel the attractiveness of the staff members and shops again and again.
For sure, the work can be difficult at times, but regardless of your experience, you’ll find it’s a rewarding job.
I’m sure you’ll find experienced staff members that you’d like to model yourself after, and everyone is
supported as a member of the team.


1-34 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo