Staff Interview: Blue Blue Gifu

Q1. Why did you want to work at Seilin & Co.?

I was a fan of Seilin’s clothing from long before and visited a shop that sold the company’s products in my hometown.
After I graduated from college, I thought about getting a different kind of job, but I applied at Seilin because I wanted my life’s work to be doing something that I loved.

Q2. What kind of work are you doing now? And when do you feel that the work you do is rewarding?

My experience includes five years as the manager of Blue Blue Nagoya from the time it opened as a new shop, and I’m currently the manager of Blue Blue Gifu, which opened in March 2017.I felt that being involved in the launching of a new store, where all of our staff members worked together to create one special store — that was really a valuable experience.
And, the rewarding sense of accomplishment that we felt when the shop opened without any problems and we welcomed many customers, that feeling was something that can’t be replaced by anything.
I look forward to all of the interactions I’ll be having together with our staff members and customers from here on, and we’ll aim to make our shop one that the people in our community can be proud of.

Q3. Tell us what’s the attractive thing about doing sales work.

Sales work allows us to connect with all sorts of people, regardless of their age, type of job, or gender.
I still have a lot to learn about this but I can feel myself growing.
I’d like to work in the shop even when I’m older and directly connect customers as a salesperson.
I would like to become a salesperson who enjoys his own taste in fashion even in his 50s and also looks good to customers in their teens.

Q4. What kind of message would you give to anyone who might be thinking about working at Seilin & Co.?

This is a company that I can recommend with confidence to anyone who wants to spend their life working in an apparel-related job.
While working as a staff member of Seilin & Co., I’ve naturally come to want a life in my own fashion.
If you’re someone who has a passion for clothing, and someone who truly likes our Seilin apparel, we would really like you to work with us.


Royal Theater Building, 1F, 1-20 Hinodemachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu Pref.