Staff Interview: Hollywood Ranch Market

Q1. Why did you want to work at Seilin & Co.?

I had been to Hollywood Ranch Market many times before joining the company.
I think I was attracted by the unique worldview and originality in making things that no other company was doing then, and this was a place that I wanted to work in.

Q2. Tell us how you felt when you actually started worked here.

I felt that every staff member was really very motivated and that we were working together toward one goal.
I also felt that it was a working environment in which the company respected the passion of its staff members and that the company made it easy for us to tackle the challenges that we wanted to take on.

Q3. What kinds of things are you involved in now?

My previous job was related to jewelry, and I was selected when I applied to join our in-company original jewelry planning team.
I’m involved in planning jewelry and events while also doing everyday shop tasks.
In the beginning everything was new and difficult, but with the support of my experienced coworkers I feel that I’m doing worthwhile work every day.

Q4. What kind of message would you give to anyone who might be thinking about working at Seilin & Co.?

When I changed jobs, I felt more than a little ill at ease, but with the support of many of the experienced staff members, I was able to experience something myself that I couldn’t do otherwise.
I now feel that I’m growing not only as a salesperson but also as a member of the community.
I’d like to tell anyone looking to challenge their own potential that this is a workplace where they can do it.


28-17 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo