Personalization Service on Gaijin-Made accessories at Lotusleaf.

There will be Personalization service event for Gaijin-Made accessories, held at Lotusleaf which is located in Shuunan-city Yamaguchi-pref. during the below period.

Apart from accessories, Gaijin-Made clothes and miscellaneous goods are also exhibited and available for sale during the period.
Event Period: Fri. Sep. 13 〜 Mon. Sep. 23, 2019

Personalization details:

We will inscribe characters, selected by a customer, up to 6 characters for a ring and up to 12 for a brancelet.
Inscriptions will be on the inside.
You can pick up any characters from A to Z, . (dot) ・(midpoint) and :☺:(smile mark).
Note Space can be counted as a character.


Isomura Bld.1F, 2-24, Shimmachi, Shunan City,Yamaguchi Pref.
TEL.+81 834-27-5118
Opening hours: 10:00 – 19:00
Closed on: Tuesdays