JOJO Sandals | Custom Order Event | Naito, a long-established footwear artisan in Gion, Kyoto

  • 2023.4.29 – 5.7

We will hold a custom order event for “JOJO” flip flops from Gion, Kyoto at OKURA in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

You can choose from a wide variety of hanao, mae tsubo, insole, and outsole parts according to your preference.
Please take this rare opportunity to try them out.

Period: April 29 – May 7, 2023
Delivery date: Around late July, 2023

  • Prior to the event, OKURA will sell JOJO sandals specially ordered by OKURA.
  • This special item is made of BLUE BLUE JAPAN’s original fabric “MINAMO WAVE”.
    Please take a look at this item as well.
  • 1007319 JOJO x BLUE BLUE JAPAN BEACH SANDAL ¥30,800(tax in)

About “JOJO”

A New Shape of Sandals Born in Gion, Kyoto
Flip-flops, rubber slippers, flip-flops.
If we trace the history of modern footwear offerings that have transcended national borders and become popular around the world, we naturally come back to the ancient footwear culture of Japan.

From the beaches of Hawaii to the monasteries of India, flip-flops have become a part of our everyday lives.

The beautifully parabolic shape of the hanao, with its universal functionality and structural beauty, symbolizes the shape of the sandal, and now Naito, a long-established footwear craftsman in Gion, Kyoto, has redesigned the sandal to reflect this perfection.

We are proud to present “JoJo Naitou,” a completely new form of footwear that aims to be super basic, challenging to create the future while keeping an eye on the origin.


All prices include tax.
  • Basic charge

    Sandal body as a base for customization

    OKURA offers two models to choose from.
    (JOJO or OJOJO)

  • Insole

    Cork or black cork:¥0

  • Acupuncture point

    Available in three color variations.

  • outsole

    Available in a choice of four colors.

  • Geta strap

    Exene (piping):¥3300
    Check (Blue/Red):¥3300
    Snake pattern (black/white):¥5500

  • JOJO

    A classic JOJO classic series.
    The cork-type insole is water-resistant, making this series ideal for town use as well as for use in the ocean, poolside, camping, and other natural settings.


    The OJOJO has a thicker heel than the JOJO and a slightly narrower width, giving it a silhouette that makes the foot look sleeker and more stylish.
    The front point is one size smaller.
    This series is loved by those who want to wear sandals with style.

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  • Address:20-11, Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Tel:+81 3-3461-8511
    Open:Weekdays 11:00 – 19:00 Weekends and holidays 11:00 – 20:00
  • Opened in Daikanyama in April 1993. The building is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese warehouse (or kura). Okura is the flagship store of our original Blue Blue Japan brand. The shop features a unique worldview expressed by its own products especially indigo dyed ones and the in-store decoration with which the richness of Japan’s seasons can be felt.
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