Seilin & Co. recognizes that the protection of personal information is an important responsibility when conducting its business activities, and in addition to complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the company makes every effort to protect personal information by establishing this Privacy Policy and making it known to all employees.

  1. 01Guidelines on protection of personal information

    Seilin & Co. considers protecting the personal information of our customers to be one of our most important management tasks, and we have established and will adhere to the following basic policy.

  2. 02Acquisition of personal information

    We collect personal information only to the extent necessary. When acquiring personal information, we will clearly identify the purpose of acquiring the information to the customer and indicate whether it is for a purpose prescribed in this policy or a purpose not prescribed in this policy, and we will use lawful and fair means to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.

    Personal information is used in our company for the following purposes.

    1. (1) Providing product information and shop information
    2. (2) Mailing catalogs, invitations, etc.
    3. (3) Information regarding job applications
    4. (4) Communicating various correspondence regarding inquiries, document requests
  3. 03Handling of personal information

    When using personal information, we will use only the minimum required items of information within the scope that has been agreed upon by the customer in advance, and we will not use it for any other purpose or provide or disclose it to a third party without permission.
    However, personal information may be disclosed if the disclosure of information is required in compliance with the law and it is deemed necessary for the safety of the customer or the protection of property. Crime countermeasures such as those against fraud fall into this category.
    Additionally, when providing or consigning personal information to a third party, we will establish an appropriate consignee, conduct the necessary supervision, and undertake this within the scope of the purpose for the acquisition of information for which the customer has given consent.
    We will comply with laws and regulations related to personal information and the guidelines of the organizations to which we belong in order to ensure the protection of personal information.

  4. 04Implementation of safety measures

    To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we implement security measures that include information security measures, and we prevent unauthorized access to personal information as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information. In addition, if any improvements are required, such as due to the result of our internal audits, actual examples of security incidents in the market, or requests from customers, we will implement such improvements promptly.