SEILIN & Co. (hereinafter referred to as “our company,” “we,” “us,” “our”), in order to achieve better communication with users of our social media (hereinafter referred to as “Users”), has established community guidelines (hereinafter referred to as these “Guidelines”) for the use of our official social media accounts (hereinafter referred to as “Official Account(s)”). Please read and understand these Guidelines before accessing our Official Accounts.

  1. 01Guidelines for Users

    We request that all Users comply with these Guidelines when using our Official Accounts. We may set individual terms of use and guidelines (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Individual Terms of Use”) for each Official Account. The Individual Terms of Use shall be considered a part of these Guidelines regardless of the name, and if the content of the Individual Terms of Use and these Guidelines differ, the Individual Terms of Use shall take precedence over these Guidelines.

  2. 02Disclaimer

    • We are not responsible for any content posted by Users.
    • We do not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of any information in our Official Accounts. We are not responsible for any damages or trouble caused by such information.
    • Please note that we are not able to reply to all posts submitted by Users. Please use our customer service contacts posted for each of our Official Account regarding questions or inquiries.
    • We are not responsible for any damages caused by Users being able to use, or being unable to use, our Official Accounts.
    • We are not responsible for any information exchanged between Users or for any behavior that is taken in relation to such information. In addition, we reserve the right to investigate, manage, and delete such information, but we do not assume any obligation for taking such actions.
    • We may terminate the operation of our Official Accounts or delete our Official Accounts without prior notice. In addition, we may establish new Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use at any time and may change these Guidelines without prior notice. After these Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use are changed or newly established, these Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use shall take effect from the date they are published on this site or the social media site of the corresponding Official Accounts. The changed or newly established Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use shall apply to Users of our Official Accounts after such changes take effect.
  3. 03Deletion of content

    We request Users not to post or behave in any of the following ways. We may delete such posts (comments, photos, videos, links, or other content) as required.

    1. (1) Behavior that violates Japanese laws and regulations, public order and morals, behavior related to antisocial activities, behavior that links to such behavior, or behavior that may lead to such behavior.
    2. (2) Intentionally registering false information or providing false information.
    3. (3) Behavior that infringes or may infringe on the property, honor, credit, or privacy of third parties.
    4. (4) Posts that infringe on the rights of others (trademarks, copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights).
    5. (5) Posts related to political activities, or religious or ideological activities.
    6. (6) Expressions that make other users uncomfortable (obscene, violent, cruel, discriminatory, etc.).
    7. (7) Private information (email address, telephone number, address, etc. of yourself or others).
    8. (8) Posting by spoofing to pose as third parties, including posing as our company.
    9. (9) Posting of sales activities, recruitment activities, or advertisements, affiliates, links, etc. for the purpose of advertising or solicitation without our prior permission.
    10. (10) Posting or sending that include harmful computer programs.
    11. (11) Posts judged to violate these Guidelines and Individual Terms of Use.
    12. (12) Posts that have nothing to do with the content of our Official Accounts or posts that we deem to be inappropriate.