Our objective and How we work

Seilin Group’s objective is to serve those who seek for “smart life” by creating fun, joyful and stirring products and services. Employees at Seilin & Co. strive to be skilled professionals who at the same time support each other and work as a team to achieve the same goal.

Career path

In order to give importance to the growth of each of our staff members and nurture those who will be responsible for the future of our business, we will support their independent growth while taking a view from a long-term perspective together with each and every one.

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Staff interviews

Here are some comments by staff members active in our Seilin & Co. Group.

Staff Interviews

Our efforts toward creating a comfortable working environment

We aim to create a comfortable working environment in which all of our staff members can achieve a harmonious work-life balance. When there are changes in the living circumstances of our staff members, such as marriage, childbirth, child care, or nursing care, we aim to respond flexibly by considering their working hours or the type of work, so that all of our staff members can do their jobs while feeling that their work is worthwhile.

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