Kitakyushu Shimonoseki Phoenix × BLUE BLUE KOKURA collaboration item #2


BLUE BLUE KOKURA has created a collaboration item with the Kitakyushu Shimonoseki Phoenix, a professional baseball team from Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which belongs to the independent professional baseball league, the Yamae Group Kyushu Asia League.

2nd Products
  • The second version is a baseball cap made of BLUE BLUE BLUE’s original 9-ounce denim with a vintage feel.
    The size of the embroidery has been made smaller than usual to make it easier to coordinate.
    The size can be adjusted with the leather strap, so it can be worn by all genders.
  • BLUE BLUE KOKURA × Phoenix Denim Baseball Cap
  • ¥9,350
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1st Products
  • The design features a bold print of the Kitakyushu Shimonoseki Phoenix logo.
    This T-shirt has a strong presence even when worn alone during the summer season.
  • Kitakyushu Shimonoseki Phoenix collaboration T-shirt
  • ¥9,350
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  • Address:2-2-1, Muromachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
    Tel:+81 93-561-0647
    Open:11:00 – 18:00
  • In September 2008, in order to protect the historic building that was built more than 130 years ago and was also used as the former Kokura police station building, it was renovated to “leave it unbroken”, and it took less than four years to open. I did. In April 2012, it was certified as a national “registered tangible cultural property”, and in February 2013, it received the Kitakyushu City Landscape Award Special Award. There is also an exhibition corner inside the store that reminds us of the history of the building. We have a wide range of original brands such as “BLUE BLUE”, which focuses on denim as the theme of work and military, and “HOLLYWOOD RANCH MARKET”. We also offer products limited to Blue Blue Kokura.
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